GMA - WJ80

GMA - WJ80

A high performance waterjet cutting abrasive

Waterjet Cutting Applications
GMA Garnet Waterjet cutting abrasives grades are available to meet all of your specific project requirements. GMA Garnet is ideally suited for all applications including:
  • Carbon steel
  • Copper
  • Granite
  • Aluminium
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Marble
  • Wood
Why use GMA Water Jet garnet?
You’ve made a significant investment in your Waterjet cutting equipment, with GMA Garnet you can be confident you maximise production and safeguard your investment.
GMA Garnet’s world best processing ensures highest purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains. This ensures there is no dust or ineffective fine grains to restrict garnet free flow, and no oversize grains to block focusing tubes. A steady flow of garnet to the focusing tube and no blockages allows uninterrupted production without downtime resulting in optimum efficiency and lowest production costs.
You can be confident that each delivery and each bag of GMA Garnet is up to the same highest quality standard that you would expect from the world’s leading supplier of premium Waterjet abrasives.
Millions of years of weathering means that GMA Garnet’s hard and tough sub angular grains provide the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality with reduced wear and tear to equipment and in particular the cutting head and focusing tube. The reduced wear and tear on components using GMA Garnet alluvial grains result in direct cost savings and longer service life.
  • High quality alluvial garnet does not contain any fracture lines that weaken the grain inherent with crushed garnet.
  • GMA Garnet offers a choice of grade to match any focusing tube and orifice for any given cutting application.
  • GMA Garnet 80 Mesh, the most popular waterjet abrasive grade used worldwide, delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edge.
For high speed cutting, we recommend GMA Garnet 50 or 60 Mesh, which in some cases can deliver up to a 30% increase in cutting speed, but at the expense of a reduced precision edge.
Where a high precision and minimum tolerance edge is required, we recommend GMA Garnet 100 or 120 Mesh.
Please refer to the table below for the correct combinations of GMA Garnet grades, focusing tube and orifice dimensions to suit your particular waterjet cutting requirements.
Blastquip stock waterjet Garnet as part of our large range of Abrasives and Sandblasting Equipment in New Zealand.

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